656 Shore Drive, Oakdale, NY 11769

JY15 Long Island Championships Hosted by CRDC October 24, 2020.

NOR and Sailing Instructions

JY 15 Long Island Championships at

Connetquot River Dinghy Club

  1. The regatta will be governed by the racing rules of sailing.
  2. The regatta is open to the double handed JY15 class with either Intensity or North sails. Register at:
  3. Saturday, October 24, 2020, first gun at noon.

Too much wind date: October 25, 2020.

  • We intend on having 6 races on the Connetquot River with the last start before approximately 3 p.m.
  • Sailing courses are available verbally from the RC. Competitors are encouraged to repeat RC instructions to others.
  • Competitors participate entirely at their own risk. Life jackets must be worn by all competitors. Facial coverings must been worn when on CRDC property.
  • A 360 turn for penalties outside the zone is in effect, modifying rule 44.1
  • Courses are 2(WL), 3(WGL), 4(WLWL), 5(WGLWL), marks to port, and finish to windward or any course designated by RC. The start/finish line is open.
  • Scoring will be by the low point system.

Scoring will allow one throw out race if 4 or more races are sailed.

Competitors will race for their fleet (CRDC, Breakwater, Centerport).

The sum of the finishing positions for the top three boats representing each fleet using low point system will determine the winning fleet.

  1. New location: 656 Shore Drive, Oakdale.
  2. Prize: The perpetual JY 15 Long Island Championship Fleet Trophy.
  3. Spectators are Welcome.
  4. Contact John Breuer:, or 631-553-5267

Winter Racing Starts Nov 1, 2020.

NEWSFLASH** Foiling at CRDC on the blog!

Congratulations to Jim and Marissa as they take the 2020 Winter Championships. Second goes to Brett and D.J. John and Dylan take third. Thanks everyone for participating. Winter racing starts after we defend the JY15 Long Island Championships at home October 24, 2020.

Join us for racing & fun!!!

Photo by Dan Scolnick

Check out the CDRC blog for Race specific current information, photos, videos and commentary.

  • Our new property is now open for year-round sailing & racing.
  • Don’t want to store your boat at your house? leave it here.

Check out the drone footage from the last race of the Decade!

Thanks to Brian for the Done Video!

Lot Etiquette:

Bring your boat down anytime!

  • Please leave your boat at the edge of the property at 90 degree angles bow out, so as to leave the center area clear for people to move their boats out. More boats fit that way. No one should have to move a boat to get theirs out. Just park yours like everyone else.
  • Please park your car parallel to the street and perpendicular to the property line. Please do NOT park on an angle. we can fit more cars in that way.
  • All dolly/trailer tires must be filled. It’s almost impossible to move a boat on a dolly with flat tires. Boats need to be mobile. You don’t want to know the penalty for having flat tires.
  • All boats need a bucket or milk crate under the bow – we don’t collect water, ice or breed mosquitos.
  • All boats must carry a good strong bow line, at least equal to the length of the boat suitable for towing. It is required for safety. Without a bow line, helping a boat in distress becomes exponentially harder. 
  • All boats must have a sail number on the mainsail in order to get scored.
  • If you want to race, come whether you need crew or not. At worst Dan will put you to work on the Race Committee boat. No one has done race committee more than one week before being snapped up as crew!


Frostbiting alternate Sundays October through April, schedule.

Racing continues every other Monday evening July and August, 6:15 p.m. start

Cost: Join for free. $300 per boat on a dolly winter and summer includes racing and beverages. Trailers $50. Catamarans on a trailer $500 per year.

Please send a check to John Breuer, 106 E Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY 11777.

Thanks for joining us.

Official Photographs by Al Guardino

Queen of the Bay Images

Our Sailing Friends:

Learn how to foil at South Shore Racing School!

Hobie 20 sailing: Catamaran Sailing on Great South Bay

Land Conservation on the River:

Dan and Shannon’s Quest to help Families:

Suggestion Box: contact webmaster

Blog Content by Dan Scolnick

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