There’s a New Kid In Town!

Everybody’s Talkin’!

While we’re getting ready for the sailing season, WILD things have been happening on the grounds of the Connetquot River Dinghy Club!

This is a great shot of the UFO -Foiler. The Front and Aft Foils clearly visible along with the Carbon Fiber Spars. Not only does it foil, but it sails like a catamaran off-foil.

Summer Olympics – Postponed

US Sailing events – Cancelled

Regional and local Juniors Sailing – Unknown

Regional and local sailing clubs – Unknown.

Once in a lifetime offer!: May 10 – June 15th

For experienced sailors only:

Come and try out our UFO on Great South Bay. May 15-June 15, we’ll be out and testing the UFO, please contact us if you’d like to arrange a friendly test sail.

Join our school before June 15th and receive an annual membership.

South Shore Racing Mission:

To teach (and learn) foiling and racing while adhering to US Sailing and NYS protocols on social distancing and safety.


  • Learn Foiling on someone elses boat that you can drive like a rented army mule.
  • Get experience navigating and racing to fixed points over the horizon.
  • Have more fun than you can imagine…..
  • While learning essential, crucial skills.
  • Sail, Foil and Race with experienced champion instructors.
  • Improve your skills while the traditional sailing channels are shut down.

South Shore Racing School provides:

  • Foiling Boats
  • Instruction
  • Races
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring

Honesty, Integrity, Transparancy, Courage –

Life Values. During these uncertain times there are great opportunities to be won and lost. Everyone involved in the South Shore Racing School Loves to sail, Loves to race, Loves competition, Loves camaraderie, Loves to teach and Loves to mentor. We all love to win in all those many forms! We know that foiling is a winner as it is the “thing” of the future. And we know that this pandemic will not last forever. These boats can be sailed with more than one person on board, but they are single handed boats. We can double down during the ‘traditional’ boat racing hiatus and be ready when things open with radical foiling and racing skills, while playing according to all the rules during the pandemic.

We at South Shore Racing School are committed (or should be, but that’s another story) to our mission. Here is what we’re doing. We are putting together a serious extended summer of foiling – learning, racing and distance sails, for serious sailors that don’t want to stop improving their skills (radically) during these times.

We have everything in place to start this ball rolling before the summer EXCEPT YOU! We need 18 to 24 committed sailors to pony up and join us and we can have a summer of racing foilers, navigating and sailing distances and getting to Fire Island by foil boat.

We also need experienced sailing instructors and boat maintenance people to help out. Be in touch. When we pull the trigger on this, things will happen fast – and you can look at your calendar and see there’s not much time left.


Now though june 15th you have an opportunity to try this gem of a little boat – think of it as a turbo-charged Miata with race slicks, and decide if you want to be stuck on land in the heat of July. All we need is for you to show up in your gear, sign a waiver (which will be downloadable shortly) and we’ll turn you lose for a time boxed friendly sail with a crash boat monitoring your progress and coaching you. If your club isn’t going to have a traditional sailing season come with us and double down on the most exciting sailing you may do in a lifetime.

Just drop us an email at or

Let us know when you want to fly a boat.

First Sail.

Our special thanks to JB, founder of CRDC, Connetquot River Dinghy Club for the use of their grounds and for taking out the foiler on it’s first sail ever on the south shore of Long Island! I spoke to him this morning and he was proud to say that he made it from his bed to his sofa without assistance!

Our Special thanks to our “Other JB”, our champion instructor, for trusting us in rather challenging conditions – win SW 15 gusting to 26, and getting some really spectacular shots and videos! He also mentioned something about soreness.

See you all this summer.


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