Fun Fun Fun, We’re sailing in 2020

are you?

The New Normal

We blew horns, we fun raced a course. 7 boats showed up. We were going to do 2 races then race to the newly re-opened Snapper Inn. The day was so great, and the wind so fine that the 2 turned into 3 turned into 4, and then we had to keep doing races until Jim Ryan and Billy Caggiano won one! that was the 7th race!

Lots of sketchy things happened. I set up a great course south of CRDC, but the fleet stubbornly stayed north of CRDC, so i had to pick up the marks and move the course. i was sufficiently annoyed (and how annoyed can you be on a perfect day) that i just handed the marks to the sailboats and said “put ’em where you want ’em”. Big thanks to Alphonse Guardino for these photos and our very own NYC Ferry Captain assisting on the RC boat!

Peters boat while running the finish line got hit in the stern. He was one inch away from finishing (ok maybe half an inch) and the collision spun his boat down away from the finish, it was so competitive that allowed two other boats to slip in before he could finish.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Sailing on a spectacular day and racing in a skilled competitive fleet is more fun than ever!
  2. Everyone takes the c-19 social distancing and mask/gaitor wearing seriously.
  3. Lee Montes can fit a jy15 into a slot narrower than a JY15 without touching either side. it’s like magic.
  4. It’s ok to go under the committee boat while finishing (Lee). I didn’t need to consult Jim Ryan on this one as John Breuer and I used to fly a hull over the gunnal of the committee boat in Bellport and Sayville (just to keep them on their toes). If you can go over without being protested by BBYC and SYC, you can certainly go under without be protested by CDRC!
  5. The Snapper Inn :Always warm and welcoming… A great destination by boat or car.

Regular Monday Evening Racing Starts on July 6th. Why aren’t you sailing?

If you want to try foiling, catch your free flight!

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