Sunfish 2020 New York Downstate

Regional Championship

When you sail, race and work with people for several decades you get to learn and understand the content of their character. I have had the great pleasure to sail, race and work on and observe sailing projects over the years with Lee Montes, Jim Ryan, John Bruer and scores of other people that we will mention when the smoke clears. All I can say is:


Almost by surprise and with very little time an International world qualifying event is happening this weekend in our club! and I’m a part of it!

Our special thanks to Lee Montes!

This is the link to the nearest weather stations (you can see it from the launching area)

Weather forecast is low 77 high 83 lightish wind with a modest seabreeze building 4-11 southerly and decent weather both days. For some local information about our thermal and local conditions please see:

Local Sailing information about the Thermal:

if anyone is interested in the local food we have some of the best New York Pizza just a few miles down the road and great chinese food too! Health food and vegen choices abound in the next town. Ask and I will be happy to make a list for you.

we will have a UFO foiler setup from to see and provide demo rides if anyone is interested – most likely later in the day after the racing is over.

I’ll be in the ‘Red Boat’ Rib.


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