Sunfish 2020 New York Downstate

Regional Championship When you sail, race and work with people for several decades you get to learn and understand the content of their character. I have had the great pleasure to sail, race and work on and observe sailing projects over the years with Lee Montes, Jim Ryan, John Bruer and scores of other peopleContinue reading “Sunfish 2020 New York Downstate”

Fun Fun Fun, We’re sailing in 2020

are you? The New Normal We blew horns, we fun raced a course. 7 boats showed up. We were going to do 2 races then race to the newly re-opened Snapper Inn. The day was so great, and the wind so fine that the 2 turned into 3 turned into 4, and then we hadContinue reading “Fun Fun Fun, We’re sailing in 2020”

Race 2/16/2020 at Noon

Promises Kept. 3 days Before the 1/19 Races John Breuer had said: ’3 races and then it will blowout’. During the start sequence to the 4th race his forecast (from 3 days ahead) turned out to be spot on to the minute and we abandoned the race and went in. Dan Williams on race committeeContinue reading “Race 2/16/2020 at Noon”