Race 1/19/2020 @Noon

Once again the weather forecast was spot-on. Fridays gale force winds and Saturdays snow storm turned to rain and warmer temperatures overnight.

Once again we got a stellar window of, perfect sailing weather, sunshine, 40 degrees and NNW wind at 8-12. We got three races in for the first race of the year and the decade before the winds kicked way up!

10 boats showed up.

Lesson of the Day:

John Breuer is right (about somethings). We saw a change in clouds in the distance and JB kept saying 3 races and we’re done. We finished the 3rd race and the conditions were still great, so we decided to go for more. As the clouds overhead drove in the wind kicked up to about 22-24 and we abandoned the fourth race before the start. Dan Williams, on race committee said to me regarding John: “Is he psychic?”. I simply replied: “Yes”.

When it comes to wind JB can usually tell you with certainty what is about to happen.


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