Race March 15, 2020 @Noon

Beware The Ides of March

There were so many things to beware of, the number 1 item being covid-19 pandemic virus. But there was no lockdown order and uncertainty and fear clobbering every aspect of life, what could be more quaranteened than sailing a JY15 on a near empty river?

Not knowing what to expect about so many things, it was a beautiful day, in stark contrast from all the news rolling in lately, that 15 boats showed up to escape from one reality to sail and exist in another reality for a long session of races.

The wind slowly oscillated through 120 degress – from NW through ESE blowing from 5 with occaisional gusts to 15

But beware the Ides of march. The fanstastic race committee set perfect courses, but with apparently some tricks.

Also, there are great photo’s from the day. see the link at the bottom of the page!

Lessons Learned

The reach mark is not neccessarily in line with the pin. HINT* if you can lay the weather mark without tacking, either the wind has shifted, the race commitee are idiots, or the mark you’re heading to is NOT the weather mark. While people might argue for the rest of the day and the rest of the season whether or not the race committee are idiots, our US sailing judge sailed his boat to the weather mark along with 1/2 the fleet. The other 1/2 of the fleet followed someone else. I heard harsh words spoken about your humble narrator, but it would be difficult to get redress in the half of the fleet that sailed to the reach mark first when the judge in the case sailed the correct course. Beware!

We also had several recalls, two general. Everyone seemed anxious to start and the recalls seemed to generate more anxst.

We did course 2’s, 4’s, a 3 (we felt obligated to use the reach mark since it screwed up half the fleet) and a crew race.

  • First Place Crew, first day as skipper. Lauren
  • Second Place Crew, Marissa
  • Dylan Williams, third place crew – first time on the podium ever!

I can’t wait for him to skipper my catamaran on the spring or fall Wet Pants Pursuit race and see if he can do twice as well with double the hulls!

We raced until 2:30 (usually we’re done before 2) but no one really wanted to leave the reality we all live for and go back to the reality of the world as it exists.

We have important decisions to make about the next several weeks. Our sport is somewhat solitary, seems to fit into the new regulations of c-19 as our groups are only two and it’s outside.

We managed to have a great sailing season so far and the weather gave us crazy windows of opportunities between storms, several times. I am grateful to the gods of the wind, the weather and the seas.

I for one realize just how important normalcy on a regular basis is. I think every person who showed up got some of the peace I got.

We’ll keep the schedule up. Stay healthy. Wash your hands in cold saltwater.

and world and weather permitting – we’ll see you on the 29th.


Official Photographs by Alphonse Guardino

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