Race December 22nd @ Noon

It was a blast of fun

The Last Race of the Year

The Last Race of the Decade!

Great Weather Forcast

The last 4 Races we had a tiny window of sailable weather that fortuitously passed over our club during race time. This weekend looks like what we all dream about!

SUNDEC 22Sunny43°32°0%WSW 11 mph

Then food and drink at the Warf.

Say Farewell to the 10’s, Welcome in the 20’s

The weather forecast was spot on. WSE 11mph. The wind clocked a little south and then started slowly switching the north. Sunny Spectacular Day.

14 boats showed up, the sailing and competition was fantastic.

Lesson of the Day.

JY’s and committe boats make loud crunchy noises when sailing over ICE and acting as ICE-Breakers. The boats go faster through water than through Ice flows. It’s a good tactic to sail around ice flows coming down the river.

Check out Drone footage from racing.

Official photographs by Al Guardino

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