Race 2/16/2020 at Noon

Promises Kept. 3 days Before the 1/19 Races John Breuer had said: ’3 races and then it will blowout’. During the start sequence to the 4th race his forecast (from 3 days ahead) turned out to be spot on to the minute and we abandoned the race and went in. Dan Williams on race committeeContinue reading “Race 2/16/2020 at Noon”

Race December 22nd @ Noon

It was a blast of fun The Last Race of the Year The Last Race of the Decade! Great Weather Forcast The last 4 Races we had a tiny window of sailable weather that fortuitously passed over our club during race time. This weekend looks like what we all dream about! SUNDEC 22 Sunny 43°32°Continue reading “Race December 22nd @ Noon”

December 15th @ Noon

High, gusty winds prevented racing today. HOWEVER two hearty boats, one with John, Dylan (and….), of course, one with Greg and Billy went out to play for a little while. Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to surf in a JY in a blow!

Race November 24th @ Noon

Prompt Noon Start, N/NW wind, 10-20 predictable, though unusual gentle shifts up to 80 degrees. Dreary looking a little drizzly infrequently, getting colder and cautiously watching for a heavy Northerly front to blow in.

Race November 17 @ Noon!

Wind was N/NE 7-20mph. temperature around 40. The water is still warm. Outstanding sailing! Thanks to Dan C and his crew Brendon C, for assisting with the wayward JY! A Warm welcome to our new sailors from Stonybrook University Sailing Club! Today’s lesson: Life and Safety are THE first and foremost priority in Sailing/boating/Racing. TheContinue reading “Race November 17 @ Noon!”

Race November 3rd @ Noon

Conditions: 7-14 N-NNW. 80 degree wind shifts. Water in the 60’s air temp high 50’s Lots of fun. Free Beer, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs and Chile at CDRC Firepit afterwards. Thank you Vinny and Pat for the cookout! Official Photographs Race Committee The fleet thanks Marianne and Dan Williams for the use of their RIB forContinue reading “Race November 3rd @ Noon”

Race October 20th @ Noon

Conditions: Light southerly winds. 6 races. Extremely competitive. Lots of fun. Beer and free hot dogs aftwards at the wharf. Results Quote of the day Dan: “Jim, That wasn’t supposed to work, you made that work!” Jim: “I know” <BIG GRIN> Lesson of the Day: “Understand the rules so that you know how to breakContinue reading “Race October 20th @ Noon”