Race November 24th @ Noon

Horrific weather forecast. Heavy rain, then heavy wind.

But wait, what do John, Jim and Dan see amidst the map but a possible hole. A veritable window to sail in, right at our regularly scheduled race time.

Pouring rain an hour before, but the RACE is on!

6 boats braved the less than optimistic forecast!

Todays Lesson (and extension of last weeks):

There is no guarantee for the wind the waves and the weather. Sometimes you get the unexpected and you CAN RACE!


Prompt Noon Start, N/NW wind, 10-20 predictable, though unusual gentle shifts up to 80 degrees. Dreary looking a little drizzly infrequently, getting colder and cautiously watching for a heavy Northerly front to blow in.

1st Race, the fleet followed Jim Ryan rounding the marks to starboard. John Breuer did the course correctly, but hooked and moved the leeward mark. Did John do his turn?

3rd Race, the Stoneybrook University Sailors switched crew as they have one more crew than boat.

We welcome the Stonybrook University Sailing Club and their coach (who took matters into his own hands for the last race).

3 races, then the wind and rain blew in and we called it a day.

It was so nice to get out on the water, no matter how brief!

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