Race November 17 @ Noon!

Wind was N/NE 7-20mph. temperature around 40. The water is still warm. Outstanding sailing!

Thanks to Dan C and his crew Brendon C, for assisting with the wayward JY!

A Warm welcome to our new sailors from Stonybrook University Sailing Club!

Today’s lesson:

Life and Safety are THE first and foremost priority in Sailing/boating/Racing.

The race rules explicitly state so.

Life and safety comes first. Property and racing follow that. It is incumbent on EACH of us to STOP and render assistance when it’s needed. Dan and Brendon did exactly that and we all thank them.

The rules of racing provide for Redress from the race committee. Accordingly Dan and Brendon were awarded a finishing position equal to their position in the race at the time they stopped to render assistance.

The question to ask is “What should I do”.

If you see a boat in distress or a person or people in the water:

  • Ask if they require assistance
  • If they do then prioritize, ask if any life is at risk.
  • If you see people in the water separated from the boat rescue them first, not the boat.
  • If you see people in the water and they are separated from each other, rescue the ones closest to you first and keep an eye on the other(s).

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