Race 2/16/2020 at Noon

Promises Kept.

3 days Before the 1/19 Races John Breuer had said: ’3 races and then it will blowout’. During the start sequence to the 4th race his forecast (from 3 days ahead) turned out to be spot on to the minute and we abandoned the race and went in. Dan Williams on race committee asked me: “Is John psychic?” After sailing with John for 35 plus years I can attest that when it comes to the wind the answer is obvious.

3 days ago, on Valentines Day, On the other side of a 15 degree night, John promised us the following:

“There’s excellent frostbiting conditions coming.

Forecasts call for sun, SW 10 to 15 and temps in the 40’s”

John Breuer 3 days before the races.

John was wrong. The wind was WSW 5-15, but he kept his promise about the frostbiting. It may have been the best regatta all season!

John’s forecasts are ROCK SOLID. To find his secret methodology look at our ‘weather/charts’ section

We started out with 6 boats, which I was happy but a little disappointed about, but as the minutes ticked on more drizzled out, one or two at a time, and by the time we were racing 13 boats showed up for some serious competition and more serious fun. Did I tell you we start the first sequence AT NOON?

Apparent Lessons Learned:

Question: are ‘apparent lessons’ like ‘apparent wind’?

  1. The race committee takes suggestions from the fleet seriously. While I am committed to NEVER set a perfectly square line, In wind that at one point shifted 40 degrees, we were sufficiently diligent enough to set courses that didn’t even generate complaints from Jim Ryan!
  2. Well, that’s not true, after the last race Jim Registered his protest against the race committee by turning hard right, going under our anchor line (thereby testing his theory that we tend to drag anchor and my assertion that we do not drag anchor). The anchor line stayed fast to the bottom and Jim hit the committee boat and came to a dead stop. The race committee takes that as an affirmation of a job (setting the anchor) well done!
  3. We did the first General Recall of the season (and my first general recall as race committee in a lifetime). Everyone knew they were way over way early, and we called you all on it.
  4. We did the first Crew race of the season – and it was a blast to watch the start. Fascinating but the fleet sailed tighter and closer with the crews at the helm. Maybe we’re onto something.
  5. We sailed the first course 5, JB suggested we do a course 7.
  6. 7 races in, 13 boats on the water and a crew race.
  7. When the sun came out at 2 sharp, we called it a day!

It’s a real pleasure serving as race committee for you all! Fun, competitive, great sportsmanship all around. I can’t wait till March 1st!

Official Photographs by Al Guardino

The following commentary is from John Bruer.

Sunday gave us some of the best conditions we had in awhile. We had 12 boats, 7 committee/chase boat volunteers and a few spectators totaling 35. SW winds up to 15 contributed to a full day of racing. SW winds up to 15 contributed to a full day of racing. A slightly pin favored line spread the fleet out with a few individual recalls. The competitive starts produced fun upwind legs a season first general recall. We also enjoyed a mellow crew race that Marissa owned. Ryan, Rob, and Emma soon followed. Jim and Marissa ran away with the day and 3 bullets grabbing the top season position for themselves. Kevin and Keelyn were welcomed back with a bullet and second overall. Rick and John podiumed with a bullet and a great day. I saw safe, competitive racing with very few fouls. Those who were protested did their turns and we once again thank everyone for playing fairly.

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